Learn How I Replaced My Hollywood Income With My 3 Step System!
 The 3 Step System I Use To Auto-Recruit A Massive Downline....And Keep It!
Learn How To Auto-Recruit New Qualified Prospects On Demand...And Keep Them?
How To Stop Bugging Your Friends And Family To Join Your Downline
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This Webinar Reveals...
  • Why People In Direct Sales Fail Time & Time Again and How To Break The Cycle..Forever!
  • How To Achieve Over 70% Team Retention When The Industry Average Is 2-10%!
  • How To Rock Your Downline By Using 3 Simple Systems!
Hollywood Actor & Top Direct Sales Earner Derk Cheetwood..
Who Is Derk Cheetwood...
  • 15 years of being one of the top producers in the direct sales industry. 
  •  7 figure direct sales earner.
  •  Over 23 Years of being a working actor in Hollywood & still on a major network show today.
  • He teaches the importance of being system driven even more than product driven and how it creates aggressive cash flow in the world of Direct Sales.
When You Join This Webinar You Will Learn How To Make Your Leads Come To You With My Proven System
Wake Up To PreQualified Scheduled Appointments Every Morning
Start generating highly qualified appointments now.

I work with you to create a customized marketing funnel for your business that will enable you to automatically grow your downline... without the constant hustle and grind of push marketing.

This system literally attracts prequalified buyers to your calendar, even while you’re sleeping.

We’ve used the system to help hundreds of network marketers generate thousands of leads.

And the fact that you’re reading this right now is proof that the system works.

Let me break it down a little more for you.

Here’s how My system works:
  • ​A prospect clicks on your compelling advertisement on Facebook. Sound familiar? That’s how you got here. 
  • ​They watch a short “indoctrination” video and read a short page that demonstrates just amazing your offer is and how it solves ALL the pain points of potential team members. Again, like you’re doing right now. 
  • ​You invite them to book an appointment with you to discuss your offer. Because the advertisement, video, and writing are really good, people are EAGER to book a call with you. No arm-bending required.
  • ​You pick up the phone, chat for a few minutes, and make the sale. 
A simple, powerful marketing funnel.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, That sounds too simple.

You’re right, it is a simple process.

If you know how to set it up so that it works every time, go for it!

Just don’t forget to...  
  • ​ Properly target your Facebook ad (you’ll waste money if you don’t)
  • ​Design an ultra-compelling ad that stays within Facebook’s guidelines 
  • ​Write a powerful indoctrination script for the video so that people are dying to work with you
  • ​Design the page for the video (make sure people want to watch it!)
  • ​Create a booking page to set up calls
  • ​Use the psychology of sales when pitching people to join your team
So yes, if you want to spend the time and money doing those things, you definitely can.
Or you can work with us.

If you are ready to take action click the link below to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation.  
Watch Real People Creating Amazing Lives With Rock Your Downline
Are You Ready to
Finally Get Traction?
Most of the client attraction strategies being taught by the “gurus” simply don’t work. Will they help you build an audience? Sure. But when it comes to turning that audience into actual customers and real revenue, they fall short.

You need a proven system that will establish your authority, build your audience, AND convert that audience into customers and revenues.

And this system shouldn’t be complicated.

You shouldn’t have to implement dozens of different items in order for it to work.

I will enable you to EASILY connect with your IDEAL customers, establish your authority with them, and then finally make the SALE.  
So are you ready to stop struggling…
To stop hunting down and fighting for leads…
...and to get some serious TRACTION in your business?
The choice is yours.

You can keep going the way things are…

...or you can watch a FREE webinar and change things.

We’re passionate about working with network marketers who want to take action TODAY.

Don’t wait any longer to take action.

Let today be the day you start Overcoming!
Watch Real People Creating Amazing Lives With Rock Your Downline
Rock Your Downline Is Generating Results That Matter.
We didn't read about this stuff in a book and become experts overnight. Our training is an accumulation of consistently building 6 figure leaders with our system. We have created more diamond leaders than any other network in North America and have personally spent over a million dollars on Facebook.
We are confident that whatever goal you have your eyes set on, we know how to get you there
"I decided to get involved with Rock Your Downline because I couldn't figure out how to work my business online on my own. I had just enough knowledge to mess myself up. The Rock Your Downline team provided the road map I needed, which gave me the confidence to take my business where I wanted to take it."
- Jessica
Top Producer In Direct Sales For 13 Years:
Founder of Rock Your Downline
"I was looking to reach out beyond the network that I'd had for years. I was ready to reach more people. Not only did the team at Rock Your Downline help me to reach more people, but they gave me the tools I needed to make connections with my leads and educate them on the fact that I'm here to help them and provide them with an amazing opportunity." 

- Sarah
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